Watchman and StarsPetroglyphs and StarlightMount Rainier StarlightMesa Arch and Milky WayOwachomo Bridge and Milky WayLight and StoneSunset in North Coyote ButtesMoonlight over the White MountainsVenus Setting over Manly BeaconPauma Valley and Full MoonSignalsSelf PortraitAncient Light, Ancient LifeFire Wave before Dawn

Landscape Astrophotography: the discipline of blending Earth elements with those of the night sky in compelling photographic imagery. Arising from over 20 years of outdoor, adventure and nature photography, these are my favorite and most visually meaningful works of Landscape Astrophotography, available as large limited edition prints. For a much broader selection of my images, please see my Natural History Photography website.

About me: I am a natural history photographer. I focus on wild marine mammals, the California kelp forest, inhabitants of remote eastern Pacific islands, National Parks of the American West, waves and, recently, the night sky and landscape astrophotography. I am fortunate to have visited many spectacular terrestrial and underwater settings as well as to have encountered many threatened and endangered animal species in the ocean. My work has appeared in the print versions of National Geographic Magazine, BBC Wildlife, National Wildlife, GEO, Nature, Science, Ocean Realm, Ranger Rick, Reader’s Digest, the NY Times, the Washington Post and many other fine publications, is in use in various advertising and publicity campaigns, is installed in many aquaria and museums around the world, and has received awards in the world’s top wildlife photographic competitions on occasion since 1995. Thank you very much for your interest in my photography – Phil Colla