Tufa and Stars, Mono Lake at Night

Mono Lake sees a crush of photographers at dawn and dusk, but in the middle of the night I expected to be alone here and indeed I was. I was really just scouting the tufas along the lake to find some good ones to photograph later in the summer, but made a few exposures while I was there and was happy with what my camera was able to record. This image depicts the northern arm of the Milky Way, the dimmer section opposite from the much brighter galactic center. Some green air glow can be seen as well, along with some distant air pollution along the horizon. Cheers and thanks for looking!

Mono Lake Tufa Towers and Stars at Night, Milky Way galaxy, Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake Tufa Towers and Stars at Night, Milky Way galaxy, Mono Lake, California

Author Phil

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